About Us

We have heard your demands for more … we have listened to your pleas for the ultimate party … and now it’s time to deliver more than a party…!

“Ruk-A-Tuk” represents a feeling of rhythm, vibe, energy, spoons licking bottles, pots and pans, drums beating, in other words … PAAAAARTY!! But for the creators behind Ruk-A-Tuk Promotions LLP, the brand represents more than a party…



We’ve got the music…

Leading international DJ’s from the world over including the US, Europe and of course directly from the shores of the Caribbean.


We’ve got the food…

Tasty treats which echo a tantalising tapestry of island cuisine produced by some of the finest Caribbean chefs in London.


We’ve got innovation…

The only Caribbean party to offer a unique membership rewards programme where you are in with a chance to win one of the many prizes available each and every night! And best of all, it so easy to become a Member.


We’ve got the VIBE!

Ruk-A-Tuk Promotions LLP is partnered by fun-loving, Caribbean-oriented individuals who have a mission to drive Caribbean-themed party life in London further! The partners are extremely knowledgeable of the Caribbean market in the UK and have charged themselves to be the #1 forward thinking Caribbean Party Machine in London.

Ruk-A-Tuk is powered and supported by a Team of reputable individuals from a wide range of sectors including Financial Services, Information Technology, Events Management, Public Administration, Legal, Hospitality and the Music Industry. This Team has been strategically compiled in order to keep the wheels of the operation in rapid motion!

But that’s enough About Us, don’t just take our word for it, join us at our next Event and experience it for yourselves!